Bundle box

$325.00 $275.00

  • 5 Culinary Box Bundle!
  • Give your Junior Chef the Ultimate Experience Gift, Time and Time Again!
  • Valentine’s Culinary Box (Feb)
  • Spring Culinary Box (April)
  • Summer Culinary Box (June)
  • Harvest Culinary Box (October)
  • Holiday Culinary Box (December)
  • 5 seasonal Julianna Banana Culinary Boxes each delivered in the coming months
  • 25 or more kid-friendly, easy to follow, laminated graphic recipe cards
  • simple ingredient lists to help with food prep
  • 5 fun and entertaining food science experiments crafted by science teachers and educators!
  • a minimum of 1 gift-giving recipe with each Box,
  • a minimum of 5 quality kitchen tools sourced from local vendors and supporting local
  • 5 super fun craft activities created specifically with the theme of the Box
  • kitchen accessories to complete some of the recipes
  • over 10hrs of complimentary live, interactive, virtual classes with one of our two Cordon Bleu graduates where we make some recipes from the culinary box
  • recordings of complimentary classes
  • 5$ from every box goes to local food charities and supporting the community
  • a free kitchen storage box to store your recipes as you get them
  • loads of fun, watch your junior chef sharpen their culinary skills with each Culinary Box
  • crafting and learning experience in the kitchen, providing a priceless family fun time.


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